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  • 9 People Arrested in Pittston Drug Ring

    || 19-Apr-2012

    Are you facing federal drug charges ? Call ROGAN LAW Drug charges are some of the most common criminal charges filed by police in Pennsylvania and across the country. Suspects are often charged not only with possession of the substance, but are also charged with the more serious offense of intent to deliver a controlled substance. According to Pennsylvania criminal law statutes, in order to ...
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  • Felony Weapon Charges

    || 21-Sep-2011

    Felony Charges. A convicted felon found in possession of a firearm faces serious criminal charges regardless of the intended use or lack of use of the weapon. Longer sentences and heavier fines apply to convicted felons found in possession of a firearm when the weapon is loaded or is involved in the commission of another criminal offense. Statutes banning the unlawful possession of a firearm by a ...
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  • Wayne County Arsons

    || 19-Sep-2011

    Third Arson in One Month in Wayne County. Arson is a serious crime classified as a felony under most statutes, punishable by severe imprisonment or even death where a fire has been intentionally deadly. Many jurisdictions impose prison sentences commensurate with the seriousness of the criminal intent of the accused. A finding, therefore, that arson had been committed intentionally would result in ...
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  • Internet Crime in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton

    || 6-Mar-2011

    Internet crime occurs when a person uses the internet as the main means to commit a crime. Being convicted of an internet crime could have devastating effects on your ability to live your life the way you desire. It could mean prison, large fines, community service, probation, restitution to any victims, and a permanent mark on your record. Having a criminal record is never a good thing, and for ...
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  • Scott Township Burglaries

    || 18-Sep-2010

    Home burglaries are one of the most shocking and unnerving crimes that can plague a seemingly safe and peaceful neighborhood. Breaking into a home and stealing the valuable belongings of others, or commiting another crime in the home, suggests that the person committing the crime possesses frightening desperation and desolation. According to the Scranton Times-Tribune, Scott Township police are ...
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  • Scranton Drug-Related Robberies

    || 29-Jun-2010

    A man convicted of having committed two Scranton drug-related robberies has been sentenced to up to 23 years in prison for his crimes, according to the Times-Tribune. The man, who admitted the crimes, said that they were motivated by his crack cocaine addiction. This case shows just how serious Scranton drug-related crime penalties can be. When you or someone you love gets into serious trouble ...
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  • Monroe County Home Invasion

    || 3-Jun-2010

    Home invasions combine the most frightening elements of property crimes and violent crimes. Offenders come into a home space - a safety zone - and make it into something completely unthinkable and unrecognizable for its occupants. The Pocono Record reports that two men are on the run after an attempted home invasion in Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County. One resident of the home was injured by ...
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  • Scranton Heroin Charges

    || 24-May-2010

    Law enforcement officials nationwide are facing a new enemy - a super-pure heroin so deadly it can lead to immediate death for users. The Associated Press reports that police officers have begun finding users dead with syringes still in their arms, or lying face down next to the straw they had used to snort the drug. Heroin deaths rose more than 18 percent between 2007 and 2008, and law ...
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  • Luzerne County Felony Defense

    || 5-May-2010

    It's probably not a great idea for a Luzerne County felony defense attorney to read the public comments that follow news articles detailing successful defense strategies lawyers use to advocate on behalf of their clients. Everyone is an expert, especially regarding high-profile cases, and the professionals advocating on behalf of the accused are often denigrated right along with their client. ...
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  • This was a big week for local law enforcement in Monroe County who have been working with the FBI, the DEA and the U.S. Marshals to investigate and bust what the Pocono Record describes today as, "the biggest cocaine syndicate in the Mount Pocono and Tobyhanna areas." In fact, one of the six men arrested in a major raid on Tuesday morning was described in court papers as the ...
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  • Police Seize Heroin, Crack and Cocaine in Wilkes-Bare Drug Bust

    || 28-Apr-2010

    State police seized approximately $60,000 worth of illegal heroin, crack and cocaine, and arrested three people on drug charges today, according to the Times Leader. Wilkes-Barre drug charges should not be taken lightly, and the three individuals involved in these arrests, as well as any others who are suspected in similar or related crimes, should choose their Wilkes-Barre drug crime lawyer ...
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  • Wilkes-Barre Drug Crime

    || 16-Apr-2010

    Today's Times Leader reports that a Kingston woman pled guilty to several charges connected with a series of residential burglaries she committed last year. She and her boyfriend apparently committed the crimes to support their heroin addiction. The real life consequences of committing a Wilkes-Barre drug crime are serious. In addition to the obvious physical risks of the drugs themselves, the ...
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  • Scranton, Pennsylvania Drug Crime: DUID

    || 11-Apr-2010

    Most people know that driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a crime. What few recognize, however, is that driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) is also a punishable Scranton, Pennsylvania DUI crime, as well as a crime in all 50 states. How states structure their DUID laws varies. In some states, law enforcement and prosectors must demonstrate that your illicit drug use caused ...
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  • Wilkes-Barre Drug Crime: Do I Need an Attorney?

    || 11-Apr-2010

    If you think you might need an attorney to defend your rights in a Wilkes-Barre drug crime case, then chances are you probably do. If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a Wilkes-Barre drug crime, then you should immediately involve a Wilkes-Barre criminal defense attorney. A Wilkes-Barre criminal defense lawyer from Rogan Law will fight on your side against the tireless attempts ...
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  • Stroudsburg, PA Criminal Lawyer

    || 29-Mar-2010

    Being arrested for any crime is scary and intimidating. One of the most important steps you can take immediately after your arrest is to involve an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your case to make sure that your legal rights are not violated and that someone with professional insight into the workings of the criminal justice system is fighting on your side. If you need a Stroudburg, PA ...
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  • Scranton White Collar Crime Lawyers

    || 29-Mar-2010

    White collar crimes are crimes such as bribery, fraud, embezzlement, mail fraud, credit card fraud, false identification, insurance fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, identity theft and internet fraud. These crimes are most often committed within a business environment; their investigation can involve law enforcement, the FBI and the IRS. Under most circumstances, investigators assigned to ...
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  • Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Drug Lawyer

    || 18-Mar-2010

    Yesterday, a 21-year-old man from the Wilkes-Barre area allegedly mugged and injured an 83-year-old woman. The young man is charged with robbery, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person. The Citizens' Voice reports that the man was already on bail in connection with previous accusations that he had committed theft - stealing from his mother - to support his heroin habit; he ...
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  • Pike County Drug Charges

    || 4-Mar-2010

    Police patrolling Nay Aug Park on Tuesday arrested a Milford man who was wanted by the district attorney on Pike County drug charges, according to the Times-Tribune. Now, this story may or may not interest you as much as the paper's extensive coverage of the Lackawanna County woman who saw the image of Jesus in a jug of pizza sauce last Friday. You can click here for that article and a link to ...
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  • The Times-Tribune reports that the new Lackawanna County Courthouse Crime Watch campaign has collected about 50 letters from concerned citizens regarding public corruption. The activist responsible for the crime watch estimates that 60 percent of these letters contain information that might be helpful to state and federal agencies involved with investigating Scranton white collar crime. Whether or ...
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  • Scranton White Collar Crime Lawyer

    || 16-Feb-2010

    At the University of Scranton, students of criminal justice can earn three credits studying white collar crime, "including corporate misdeeds, political corruption, occupational illegalities and upperworld deviance." Sounds fascinating, right? Studying crime and criminals can be quite interesting, but the day to day reality of Scranton white collar crime is usually much more mundane. One ...
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  • Old Forge Gunman Arrested

    || 25-Jan-2010

    The Times-Tribune reports that Old Forge schools were shut down and several local roads closed this afternoon while police worked to apprehend an alleged gunman roaming in and out of the woods in a residential and business neighborhood near West Oak Street Cemetery. Thank goodness, Old Forge pizza production appears to have remained unaffected. In all seriousness, a man with a gun trying to escape ...
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  • Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Drug Lawyer Ponders Orwell

    || 11-Jan-2010

    I read with great interest and some uneasiness The Citizens Voice's recent report about Wilkes-Barre's plans to use federal, state and local funding to install citywide surveillance cameras worth $2.1 million; the city will soon have more cameras per person than NYC or LA. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I could not help thinking of Orwell's 1984 : "It was terribly ...
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  • Thoughts from a Pocono Criminal Defense Lawyer

    || 8-Jan-2010

    In the 1960s, Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted experiments aimed at measuring everyday people's willingness to perform violent acts against others when told to do so by an authority figure. You may remember the results from psychology class: 65% of participants, obeying the authority figure's orders, inflicted maximum levels of pain on the experimental subject. Of ...
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  • Schuylkill Hate Crimes Attorney

    || 21-Dec-2009

    Last October, President Obama signed legislation expanding the definition of hate crimes to include assaults based upon sexual or gender identity. The definition already protected individuals on the basis of race, religion and nationality. During the previous presidential administration, though the number of reported hate crimes rose, the number of prosecutions decreased dramatically. Now, the ...
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  • Scranton Juvenile Felonies Attorney

    || 13-Dec-2009

    "Juvenile" and "felony" are two words nobody wants or expects to see used together in a newspaper article, but in yesterday's Times-Tribune, we learned that ten young boys aged fourteen through fifteen from the Scranton area have allegedly committed a series of crimes that include robberies, armed robberies, burglaries and auto thefts over the last four months. Police say ...
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