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Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Firm Defends Against Theft Charges

As the annual St. Ubaldo Day Festival approaches here in Lackawanna County, I recall a situation a few years back in which I defended the rights and reputations of three local men accused of stealing and claiming ownership of one of the statues used in the annual race of the saints.

The accused men made the right choice seeking support from an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense firm. I not only got the complaint against them retracted, but also secured an apology from the complainant by making clear that my clients would take action to ensure liability for damages to their reputations if such an apology were not forthcoming.

If you are accused of a theft offense in northeast Pennsylvania or the Pocono Mountain region, then you need to take immediate action to protect your rights and reputation, as well.

At Rogan Law, we provide aggressive representation to individuals facing criminal charges from a variety of theft offenses, including shoplifting, identity theft, armed robbery, credit card theft, stealing and breaking and entering. If you have been charged with any of these theft crimes, then you should call Rogan Law today.