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How Much is a Medical Malpractice Claim Worth in PA?

Every medical malpractice case is different and the amount settled on varies according to the elements of the unique case. A claim may involve both economic and non-economic damages that play a part in determining how much a case may be worth. When it comes to economic damages, you may pursue compensation for all of the following:

  • Medical expenses (past and future)
  • Therapy costs
  • Surgical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Medication costs

When it comes to the economic damages you already have suffered, the calculations of worth are simple. The more difficult aspects in determining worth are the future economic damages that you may face. Non-economic damages also are difficult to calculate because there are no receipts or amounts placed upon many of the damages. Factors such as your pain and suffering, mental anguish, inconvenience, diminished physical ability and other non-economic damages also play a part in determining the worth of your claim. Punitive damages often exist in medical malpractice cases; these damages are meant to punish the negligent medical professional for his actions.

States also often have caps on the value of a medical malpractice claim and this could affect the result of your case. In Pennsylvania, it is prohibited to pursue expenses that were paid by other sources. If your insurance paid for a certain percentage of your costs, then you may only pursue compensation for the unpaid costs. Also, the severity of the injuries, pre-existing conditions, and the jurisdiction of your case can influence the worth of your case. If you have questions regarding the worth of your specific claim, then feel free to contact a personal injury lawyer in Scranton. Rogan Law has years of experience handling all types of medical malpractice cases for clients. We could help you pursue the maximum possible compensation for your claim, contact us now or fill out a free case evaluation form online.