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Scranton Heroin Charges

Law enforcement officials nationwide are facing a new enemy - a super-pure heroin so deadly it can lead to immediate death for users. The Associated Press reports that police officers have begun finding users dead with syringes still in their arms, or lying face down next to the straw they had used to snort the drug.

Heroin deaths rose more than 18 percent between 2007 and 2008, and law enforcement officials say these numbers likely under represent the true depth of the problem, since heroin metabolizes so quickly in the body that medical examiners often cannot say for certain whether it was responsible for a death unless other physical evidence is present.

With such extreme risks, what makes someone decide to use heroin? Why take a chance like this just to get high? Addiction is a serious disease, and addicts might simply find themselves unable to resist. New users are drawn in by cheap prices and dealers' claims that smoking heroin is no worse than smoking cigarettes or marijuana.

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