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Old Forge Gunman Arrested

The Times-Tribune reports that Old Forge schools were shut down and several local roads closed this afternoon while police worked to apprehend an alleged gunman roaming in and out of the woods in a residential and business neighborhood near West Oak Street Cemetery.

Thank goodness, Old Forge pizza production appears to have remained unaffected.

In all seriousness, a man with a gun trying to escape police capture in a neighborhood where people are living and working, possibly unaware of the danger, is no laughing matter. This man is going to have a lot of explaining to do. He should not hesitate at all before contacting an Old Forge criminal defense lawyer.

People often wonder at what point to hire an Old Forge criminal defense attorney. The truth is, it is really never too early. Once law enforcement begins collecting evidence against you, you need an experienced Old Forge criminal defense lawyer on your side.

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