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Stroudsburg Serious Injuries Lawyer

As a Stroudsburg serious injuries lawyer, I read with interest today's article in the Pocono Record detailing a stimulus-funded plan to improve Monroe County's Route 33. The plan includes new guide rails, highway resurfacing and bridge rehabilitation, all of which could help prevent serious injuries along that stretch.

Serious injuries can be caused by Stroudsburg car accidents or by many other events, unexpected incidences or accidents. Both the young and the elderly are treated in local emergency rooms for serious injuries every minute of every day, and in many cases, someone else is actually responsible for the injuries.

As a Stroudsburg serious injuries lawyer, I represent those victims who have sustained grievous bodily harm by a negligent party. I have over 20 years of legal expertise and extensive education in the areas of personal injury and serious injury law. I am both qualified and passionate about helping you in your time of need.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident of any kind, then call a Stroudburg serious injuries lawyer at Rogan Law today.