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Wilkes-Barre Drug Crime

Today's Times Leader reports that a Kingston woman pled guilty to several charges connected with a series of residential burglaries she committed last year. She and her boyfriend apparently committed the crimes to support their heroin addiction.

The real life consequences of committing a Wilkes-Barre drug crime are serious. In addition to the obvious physical risks of the drugs themselves, the legal penalties you might face if you get caught are staggering. What's more, if your case resembles that of the woman described above, then you might be facing additional charges linked with your drug crime, further complicating your case and compromising your future.

If you are charged with a Wilkes-Barre drug crime, then you need a Wilkes-Barre drug crime lawyer who can help you fight the severe penalties you face if convicted. A Wilkes-Barre drug crime attorney from Rogan Law is familiar with all state and federal laws surrounding drug charges and will work tirelessly to protect your future. Contact a Wilkes-Barre drug crime lawyer at Rogan Law for a free consultation today.