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I just began watching Slavery and the Making of America, a PBS documentary that explores the contributions enslaved people made during the foundational years of our American project. I highly recommend it.

In the first episode, the documentarians demonstrate how corporate interests prevailed over human rights as the slave trade became a burgeoning business not only for the traders themselves, but also for the ship builders, sail makers, insurance companies, and others who became involved. As the industry grew and became increasingly profitable, white interests coalesced to make human enslavement of Africans a legal and essential part of life in both northern and southern colonies.

I find the emergence of the laws governing slavery both fascinating and horrifying. How did this happen in America? How was slavery not only sanctioned but actually rewarded by our legal system? The simple, ugly truth is that love of money and love of leisure triumphed violently for two centuries over the most basic human decency.

It makes me think how fragile our democracy is, and how hard we must work to honor the people who gave their lives - often unwillingly - so that we could enjoy the freedoms we do today. We should never take freedom or our future for granted.

Similarly, if you as an individual are ever charged with a crime, then you should not leave your freedom or your future up to chance. Contact a Wilkes-Barre criminal lawyer at Rogan Law as soon as you can. Having a Wilkes-Barre criminal lawyer on your side as early as possible in the legal process can even improve your chances significantly. Call Rogan Law for your free consultation today.