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Scranton Marijuana Smokers Need an Experienced Scranton Drug Lawyer

According to The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), nearly 100 million Americans admit having smoked marijuana, and 20 million Americans admit having done so in the past year. Over the past decade, 6.5 million Americans have been arrested on marijuana charges; the vast majority of those arrests - nearly 90% - have been for simple possession.

Watching the national news these days, however, you can see the impact that baby boomers and their generally more tolerant attitudes toward the use of marijuana are beginning to have on public policy in a number of states and localities.

Despite ongoing pressure from the federal government, many states continue to expand the rights of medical marijuana users. Some states have pending ballot initiatives that would legalize, or at least depenalize, marijuana use more generally.

In the meantime, cities and towns are changing how they handle marijuana use. Philadelphia was one of the latest cities to make a change, recategorizing marijuana possession as a summary offense, rather than as a misdemeanor. This means that starting later this month, Philadelphia's pot smokers will pay fines but will not face jail time or receive a criminal record for minor marijuana possession.

Though things seem to be changing, those who are arrested on marijuana charges right here in northeast PA have no recourse at this point except to hire an experienced Scranton drug lawyer. A Scranton drug lawyer from Rogan Law is familiar with your legal rights as well as with the latest state and federal laws affecting your case. If your marijuana use has gotten you into legal trouble, then contact a Scranton drug lawyer at Rogan Law today.