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Police Seize Heroin, Crack and Cocaine in Wilkes-Bare Drug Bust

State police seized approximately $60,000 worth of illegal heroin, crack and cocaine, and arrested three people on drug charges today, according to the Times Leader.

Wilkes-Barre drug charges should not be taken lightly, and the three individuals involved in these arrests, as well as any others who are suspected in similar or related crimes, should choose their Wilkes-Barre drug crime lawyer carefully. A Wilkes-Barre drug crime attorney from Rogan Law will meet you during a free consultation to discuss the charges you or a loved one may be facing.

If you make the decision to hire a Wilkes-Barre drug crime lawyer from Rogan Law, then we will begin by investigating whether it might be possible to have your charges lowered or dismissed. In cases where conviction cannot be avoided, we may be able to ask the courts for alternative sentencing instead of jail or a prison sentence.

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