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Mid Valley's Alcohol Use Policy in Conflict with State Law

The Times-Tribune reports today that the Mid Valley School District's policy on bus drivers and alcohol use is different - and less strict - than state law permits. The conflict came to the fore recently after a driver was removed from his route while in transit when another adult in the vehicle smelled alcohol and intervened. School administrators responded to the scene but failed to notify law enforcement.

This is the second time in the past few months that a professional driver for the Mid Valley School District has been identified as drinking and driving while on the job, a fact that, combined with the district's apparent lack of knowledge as to state laws concerning the subject, has parents concerned and angry. The May 12th board meeting, at which the district's alcohol policy will be discussed, should be interesting.

Bus and van drivers in our state cannot consume any alcohol before operating their vehicle. Non-commercial drivers in Pennsylvania must not drive with a BAC greater than the state legal limit of 0.08. If you or someone you care about gets in trouble with this law either at work or on their own time, then you will need an excellent Scranton DUI attorney on your side. Contact a Scranton DUI lawyer at Rogan Law today for help with your Scranton DUI charges.