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Wilkes-Barre Township Suspects Charged in Robbery and Torture Plot

Police have filed criminal charges against six suspects allegedly involved with a robbery and torture plot in Wilkes-Barre Township, Luzerne County. Four of the suspects are already under arrest; police are seeking public support in locating the remaining two.

Today's Citizens Voice printed details of the case, taken from arrest papers. The very serious nature of these crimes and the significant quantities of evidence police continue to gather will make it absolutely imperative for the suspects to secure legal representation from an experienced Wilkes-Barre criminal defense lawyer.

Penalties for the crimes described can include time in jail or prison, heavy fines and lengthy parole periods. Since many of these suspects already have criminal records, the consequences for them are likely to be quite severe.

These suspects should immediately hire a Wilkes-Barre criminal defense attorney to represent their interests. A skilled Luzerne County defense lawyer can uncover information that could do wonders for the outlook of their case.

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