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Pike County Drug Charges

Police patrolling Nay Aug Park on Tuesday arrested a Milford man who was wanted by the district attorney on Pike County drug charges, according to the Times-Tribune.

Now, this story may or may not interest you as much as the paper's extensive coverage of the Lackawanna County woman who saw the image of Jesus in a jug of pizza sauce last Friday. You can click here for that article and a link to the YouTube video of the image. I admit, it's a classic.

However, as a Pike County drug crimes lawyer, the former story captured my interest immediately. The article left so much unsaid. Why did the man appear suspicious to the police? What made the police decide to question him, and eventually discover the outstanding warrant for his arrest? What were the details of his arrest? What were the details of the events that lead to his original charges?

Unfortunately, drug crimes negatively impact millions of people each year. People involved in drug crimes are often intertwined with violent crimes and other serious criminal offenses. Moreover, they often deal with very serious addiction and all its attendant complications. The consequences of their drug use and/or abuse rarely end with the specific crime for which they are arrested, but rather ripples through their families and communities, resulting in a great deal of heartache and sadness.

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