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PA Legal Requirements for Motorists Involved in Accidents

This morning I read some good news in our local paper. A Times-Tribune story reported that Charlotte Lewis, a young Scranton woman who was very seriously injured three months ago in a bicycling accident near Scranton High School, has recovered extraordinarily and unexpectedly well from her injuries. She is back to work and has begun riding her bike again - and has begun wearing a helmet every time she rides. Congratulations, Charlotte!

There were no witnesses to her accident, but the accident report says she likely hit a sewer grate, causing her to lose control. Based on the damage to her bike and her experiences with riding, however, Ms. Lewis, who cannot remember the accident, believes she may have swerved to avoid a collision with an oncoming car.

If Ms. Lewis is correct, then there is a motorist somewhere out there who really should talk with an experienced Scranton criminal defense lawyer.

Pennsylvania law requires a driver involved in any accident resulting in injury to stop and remain at the scene of the accident, to provide basic information, and to render aid. Even if a driver does not physically strike a cyclist, he is still considered to be involved in a motor vehicle accident if he creates a situation that causes a cyclist to take evasive action, resulting in the cyclist's crashing.

If an accident victim suffers serious injuries, as Ms. Lewis did, and the motorist leaves the scene, then the motorist might be charged with a felony of the third degree and face both imprisonment and fines.

If you have made this very serious mistake or if you are suspected of having done so, then do not wait until the police file criminal charges to talk with a Scranton criminal defense attorney. Contact Rogan Law today.