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Scranton, PA Hit & Run Charges

Earlier this week, I wrote about Charlotte Lewis' bicycle accident in Scranton, PA.

I thought it might be helpful to follow up with additional information about Scranton, PA hit & run charges.

When a person is operating a motor vehicle and becomes involved in an accident, he is required by law to stop and provide information to involved parties, as well as to provide assistance to anyone who has been injured. In cases where property has been damaged but the property owner cannot be found, the responsible party is required to leave a note containing his personal information and to file an accident report with the local police.

A person who fails to act appropriately can face criminal charges for hit and run.

Someone convicted of hit and run charges can face harsh penalties including jail or probation, fines, community service, and temporary or permanent loss of driving privileges. If you are facing hit & run charges and you want to avoid the harsh penalties that may come from being convicted of a hit and run, then we strongly suggest you contact a Scranton criminal defense attorney as soon as you can.

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