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Scranton, Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Against Theft Crimes

The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that a local woman who stole over $130,000 worth of jewelry from residents throughout Lackawanna County was sentenced yesterday to two to eight years in state prison. The Waverly woman was diagnosed with kleptomania and prescription drug addiction, and will receive mental health and drug counseling services during her incarceration.

At Rogan Law, we followed this case with particular interest. The woman in question graduated high school with my niece, who also is a member of my staff. She remembers the woman as a smart, kind teenager with an easy laugh and loads of potential. The woman enjoyed a great job working as a nurse at a local university and strong family relationships before her arrest. Our sympathy extends both to the many people who were victimized by her crimes, and to the woman and her family, for whom the last several months must have held their own set of challenges.

In our criminal justice system, we rely upon excellent law enforcement and legal prosecutors to ensure that persons who commit crimes are brought to justice. Equally, we depend on experienced, aggressive defenders to defend the innocent against false accusations and to bring to light mitigating circumstances that impact what constitutes justice for individuals who have engaged in criminal behavior.

If you have been charged with a theft offense in Scranton, then you need to take immediate action to protect both you rights and your future. Rogan Law provides a strong Scranton, Pennsylvania criminal defense against theft crimes.

You need a Scranton criminal defense lawyer who understands the inner-workings of the Pennsylvania criminal court system. Fully aware of how prosecutors, judges and jurors think, your Rogan Law Scranton criminal defense attorney will try hard to resolve your theft charges in a positive manner.

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