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Here in Luzerne County, Rogan Law and our team of professional Hazelton criminal defense and personal injury lawyers do more than just provide excellent legal representation, we truly support our clients and stick by them through thick and thin. No matter what sort of difficult legal situation you may be in, you can trust us to provide you with compassionate, motivated, and well-executed legal strategies. Why should you be given anything less?

While we could tell you about our professional accomplishments and memberships, we are most proud of our numerous 5-star client testimonials, for they speak of all we have done for the people of Hazelton, Luzerne County, and beyond. Our commitment to our clients is unwavering, and no courtroom opposition or big corporate party can give us hesitance. When you turn to our team, you can rest easy knowing that your case is under the watchful care of renowned professionals.

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Have you been recently placed under arrest in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania? Rather than worry about what should be your next move, contact our Hazelton criminal defense attorneys. We can dive into the specifics of your case, including eyewitness statements, physical evidence, and police reports of the arrest, to discover the greatest weakness in the prosecution’s argument and exploit it.

We are familiar with a multitude of criminal charges, including:

Not every legal trouble involves a criminal accusation; sometimes the negligent actions of another causes you great pain and suffering, and you need to take action to seek proper compensation. Litigation can be a real burden for someone who is also dealing with a debilitating injury. Our Luzerne County personal injury lawyers are always happy to take stress off our clients’ shoulders by providing trustworthy and focused legal representation that knows how to pursue compensation in the form of payment for medical costs, repair bills, missing wages, and much more.

To name only a few of the types of personal injury cases we handle:

Why Go Alone Where You Could Go Protected?

In all manners of our day-to-day lives, it is always beneficial to take on challenges with other people, with more experienced people to be exact. Taking on a criminal defense or personal injury case really is no different. Allow our Hazelton attorneys the opportunity to guide you through whatever legal issue is troubling you. With more than 25 years of total experience and a real devotion to our clients, their needs, and their futures, we believe we should be your first choice of advocacy.

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