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New Developments in PA Marcellus Shale Drilling Plans

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) announced yesterday that it has amended its 2009 decision requiring sponsors of natural gas extraction projects to obtain permission before beginning production to also require prior permission to drill exploratory wells. These more stringent requirements may be partially due to recent, well-publicized accidents by Marcellus Shale drilling companies.

What are some of the issues at stake? Although the hydraulic fracturing method used by natural gas drilling companies is currently exempted from regulations contained within the federal Safe Water Drinking Act, drilling may have significant impacts on both the quantity and quality of local resources as water is diverted to supply industry needs and as pollutants are introduced into ground and/or surface water. Treating and disposing of water contaminated by this process, handling potential problems with air pollution, and preparing for disasters also are major issues as yet under-addressed.

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