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Wilkes-Barre Drug Free Block Party

As someone who regularly works with people facing Wilkes-Barre drug charges, I was glad to see an article in today's Times Leader about the Drug Free Block Party scheduled for this Saturday on Public Square. The event will feature both entertainers and speakers who share the goal of pulling the community together and lifting it up.

A drug free party means a party less likely to result in violence and property crimes, which are often associated with drug use. In fact, the link between drugs and other crimes is part of the reason that police, investigators, prosecutors and judges take Wilkes-Barre drug crimes as seriously as they do.

If you are under investigation for a Wilkes-Barre drug crime, or have already been formally charged, then you should seek representation from a Wilkes-Barre drug crime attorney immediately. The importance of the investigative period should never be underestimated. Unfortunately, many people fail to hire a Wilkes-Barre drug crime lawyer during this time, even though doing so would give them an advantage later.

An experienced Wilkes-Barre drug crime lawyer can have a profound effect on the outcome of a Wilkes-Barre drug case. A Wilkes-Barre drug crime attorney from Rogan Law has the expertise and training to determine the best way of defending you.

If you need help with a Wilkes-Barre drug offense, then you should contact a Wilkes-Barre drug crime lawyer at Rogan Law today.