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Fatal Car Crashes Cause for Concern in Poconos

Do you know the leading cause of death for Americans aged 34 and under? How about the leading cause of long-term disability for Americans of all ages? Turns out if you know the answer to one question, then you know the answer to both.

Driving accidents.

The Pocono Record recently reported that driving accidents account for more than 40,000 deaths each year - that's around 120 people per day. Many additional people are seriously injured in ways that continue to impact them for the rest of their lives.

In the Poconos, fatal accidents are on the rise. Country roads, extreme weather conditions and population increases may all be factors in this deadly trend.

Losing someone you love in a car accident is almost unthinkable, but it is, unfotunately, far more likely than we want to believe. Often called vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide, driving-related deaths do affect many Pocono families.

If you or someone you know is experiencing this most painful tragedy, then you need to find a Pocono wrongful death attorney who will stand by your side and will build a case against the driver who caused the accident while you focus on your emotional and spiritual loss.

A Pocono wrongful death lawyer from Rogan Law can help your family begin the process of filing a wrongful death suit against the responsible party. This won't bring your loved one back, but it can help you to begin healing and provide you with financial compensation to cover funeral costs, medical bills and more.

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