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Scranton Detective Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

One of the Times-Tribune's most read stories today is that reporting a Scranton detective's arrest on suspicion of DUI. The detective, a city officer with over 30 years experience, allegedly was found in his unmarked police car armed, drunk and unconscious on Christmas Eve.

While people and the press ponder this detective's predicament, the detective himself is likely experiencing intense embarrassment and anxiety about these very public allegations. It's never good to be suspected of or charged with a DUI, and even less so when the suspicions and/or charges are broadcast for everyone to see and hear.

Despite how he must be feeling, now is a critical time for this detective. Like anyone facing Scranton DUI charges, he will need a skilled Scranton DUI defense lawyer to defend his rights in court. As he awaits the results of his blood-alcohol-content test, his best move would be to contact a Scranton DUI defense attorney with the skills and experience to help him build an aggressive, effective defense strategy.

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