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Couple Sues Scranton Police Officer and City of Scranton for Serious Injuries

Recent allegations that a Scranton detective was found armed, drunk and unconscious in an unmarked police car this past Christmas Eve have renewed public interest in another story about a different Scranton police officer being sued by a Scranton couple into whose car he crashed while pulling an illegal U-turn last January.

According the the Times-Tribune, the couple filed suit against the officer in November, alleging that the accident caused serious and permanent injuries. The couple is also suing the city for what they describe as its failure to properly train, monitor and supervise the officer.

The outcome of the case remains to be seen, but I feel for the couple filling the charges.

It's hard enough to physically recover from an auto accident that causes serious injuries, but to have to summon the courage to sue a police officer and the city in which one lives just to secure justice must be incredibly difficult. With mounting medical bills added to the mix, one can understand how accident victims may feel entirely helpless and lost. Their road to recovery may be long, hard and expensive.

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