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The Effects of Being Convicted of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an act that occurs between family or household members, intimate partners, or individuals who have a child together. Punished as a serious crime, those convicted of domestic violence can find themselves dealing with the consequences many years into the future.

Attempts to cause bodily injury, rape, false imprisonment, or physical abuse of a child can all be considered domestic violence. If convicted, the penalties often depend on the act that was committed and the accused individual’s relationship to the victim.

You may be facing domestic violence charges and wondering how your future could be impacted, if you are convicted. Being aware of the possible penalties is important, so you know how to effectively fight your charges with the help of an attorney.

Pennsylvania’s Penalties for a Domestic Violence Conviction

In most cases of domestic violence, the alleged victim will file a petition in court asking for an order of protection. A protective order may seriously limit who you can interact with and what privileges you are allowed to maintain.

Judges often include the following provisions in an order of protection:

  • Prohibit the defendant from contacting or interacting with the victim and minor children
  • Prohibit the defendant from owning any firearms or other weapons
  • Award exclusive possession of the home to the victim
  • Award custody of a minor child to the victim
  • Require the defendant to pay financial support to the victim and minor children
  • Require the defendant to pay the victim for losses caused by the act of domestic violence

In addition to the repercussions of a protective order, you may also be sentenced to time in jail. A domestic violence conviction can impact your relationships, your finances, and your freedom. It is imperative that you take action against such a charge!

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