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Natural Gas Industry Workers Unfairly Targeted for Crime?

When the floodgates of industry opened to tap the natural gas resources of the Pennsylvania landscape, many towns saw a massive influx of machinery, out-of-town workers, and trucks dramatically change what were once peaceful rural towns. With the large economic boom that ensued, so too did a rapid increase in raucous behavior and even a spike in criminal complaints. The United States has a long history of prosperity due to the natural resources industry and also, unfortunately, the negative secondary effects that follow when large sums of money, alcohol, and workers converge upon once quaint towns.

The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that in Bradford County, the most heavily "fracked" county during the Marcellus Shale boom, has seen large increases in arrests, traffic violations, restraining orders, and other crimes as a result of the mass influx of workers and large amounts of money. The Bradford County District Attorney stated that DUI arrests are up 40% from last year!

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