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New Superintendent in Scranton Diocesan Schools

The Times-Tribune reports today that Bishop Bambera has appointed a new superintendent for schools in the Diocese of Scranton. The appointment comes nearly three months after the former diocesan superintendent was fired amid allegations of sexual abuse.

The allegations made news last January when the DA confirmed he was looking into abuse claims, though the statute of limitations for the alleged crimes had already expired.

The public may never know what happened in this case, but the allegations of sexual abuse will change the life of the accused forever, even if they are not true. I do not say this to undermine the tragic impact sexual abuse has on its victims or to imply in any way that victims should not be trusted. However, for the sake of justice, we must remember that untruthful people who make false accusations for selfish purposes do exist. Innocent people can be accused, and even convicted, of sex crimes.

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