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Schuylkill Hate Crimes Attorney

Last October, President Obama signed legislation expanding the definition of hate crimes to include assaults based upon sexual or gender identity. The definition already protected individuals on the basis of race, religion and nationality.

During the previous presidential administration, though the number of reported hate crimes rose, the number of prosecutions decreased dramatically.

Now, the federal government is looking more carefully at crimes motivated by bias. According to the New York Times, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division has introduced more hate crimes cases this year than in any of the past eight years.

Recently, hate crimes have gotten press here in Pennsylvania as a result of several Shenandoah hate crimes indictments. Local and national news outlets, including Scranton's Times-Tribune, have reported that federal prosecutors indicted four police officers, including the town's police chief, on charges related to their having allegedly covered up a racially motivated beating that resulted in one man's death.

Two young men involved in the beating also face federal hate crime charges.

Hate crimes charges are nothing to play around with. When federal investigators and prosecutors come looking for you, they mean very serious business. Everyone even remotely involved with this case or others like it should immediately contact a Schuylkill hate crimes attorney.

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