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At Rogan Law, we are committed to the fair treatment of our clients, no matter what obstacles are standing in their way. You can trust us to handle your sensitive legal issues, such as a criminal defense matter or a personal injury claim, without ever compromising your best interests or needs. That is why the people of Wyoming County have been depending on us for over 25 years.

Every client that comes to our doors will be treated as a unique individual with a one-of-a-kind case. This guarantees that your case will be approached with a fresh, personally-tailored strategy. After all, your livelihood could be on the line, so you need a team you know you can trust.

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After you have suffered a debilitating personal injury, you could be strapped for cash due to medical bills and rehabilitation fees. You might even need to pay out of pocket for repairs to property damaged in your accident. At Rogan Law, we understand that you do not need yet another bill to deal with. To help you get through this time more smoothly, we start with a free case evaluation and work on contingency a fee basis for all of our personal injury cases – you will not owe us unless we win you a fair settlement.

Our Tunkhannock lawyers are well-versed in all sorts of personal injury cases, including:

Reliable Defense in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania State law, the punishments for even slight misdemeanors can be considerably high, sometimes including lengthy jail sentences and steep fines. Our Tunkhannock criminal defense lawyers believe that everyone’s right to defend themselves from the scrutiny of the law must be upheld. We also do not think that you should have to worry about losing your entire savings for professional representation. Clients that come to us with criminal cases can expect to pay flat fees that can be determined with a no-cost initial consultation.

With our experience in your corner, you can stand up to a wide variety of charges, such as:

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When you are facing litigation, whether it is for a personal injury case or a criminal defense issue, the odds can seem stacked against you if you do not have any professional legal counsel on your side. At Rogan Law, our Tunkhannock attorneys genuinely want to preserve your rights in all matters, even if that means going to court and taking the gloves off on your behalf. With our keen eyes for detail and meticulous approach to every case we accept, we are ready and willing to go the extra mile for you.

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