Causes of Car Accidents

Causes of Car Accidents

A single car accident may have one or many causes. This is an important topic to discuss in regard to an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit regarding a Scranton, Wilkes-Barre or Stroudsburg car accident, as it will be necessary to determine and then prove exactly what or who caused the car accident in order to recover full financial compensation for your injuries. At Rogan Law, we are here to help you establish the cause of your accident. With an experienced attorney at your side, you have the invaluable opportunity to ensure your case is properly handled and that you have access to the money that will help you rebuild and move on with your life. Our firm handles all types of car accidents, including those caused by any of the following:

  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding or racing on public roadways
  • Driver distraction (talking to a passenger, texting, talking on the phone, adjusting the radio, applying make-up, eating or drinking, etc.)
  • Hazardous or poorly maintained roads
  • Defective automobile parts
  • Heavy weather conditions (rain, sleet, snow, fog, hail, ice, etc.)

No matter the cause of your car accident, we are confident that we can assist you.

How to Establish the Cause of a Car Accident

In order to properly handle a car accident claim, your lawyer will need to establish what caused the accident. This may be accomplished by working with expert witnesses and professionals in accident reconstruction, private investigation and forensics in order to determine exactly how the accident was caused and what action on the part of the other driver or other party was responsible.