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  • Toyota Wins Lawsuit Involving Faulty Braking System

    || 11-Oct-2013

    Toyota Wins Major Lawsuit Involving Faulty Brake System According to, a California jury sitting in a Superior Court in Los Angeles rejected the claim that Toyota was responsible for the death of a woman who crashed her car after the brake system failed. The wrongful death claim, brought by the family of the deceased driver, alleged that the driver tried to slow the car, but the vehicle ...
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  • Tragedy on Interstate 40

    || 3-Oct-2013

    Tragedy on Interstate 40 A bus full of people coming from a religious event faced the sheer horror of a malfunctioning tire and violent impact. The church group was returning from a religious conference on their way back home to North Carolina when the front tire on the bus "blew-out" and the bus crossed the median and smashed into an SUV and tractor-trailer traveling in the opposite ...
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  • Pennsylvania Bans Texting While Driving

    || 7-Mar-2012

    Texting while driving is an easily avoidable habit that could land you a fine, prison time, or even cause serious car accidents! On Thursday, Pennsylvania joins several other states across the nation to make it illegal to text while driving a car in order to preserve road safety and reduce negligent driving. Negligent drivers are one of the leading causes of traffic accidents and countless ...
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  • DUI, Drilling, and Industry

    || 7-Nov-2011

    When the floodgates of industry opened to tap the natural gas resources of the Pennsylvania landscape, many towns saw a massive influx of machinery, out-of-town workers, and trucks dramatically change what were once peaceful rural towns. With the large economic boom that ensued, so too did a rapid increase in raucous behavior and even a spike in criminal complaints. The United States has a long ...
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  • If you have been injured in Scranton, but don't know whether you have a solid case against the party that caused your injuries, then you should speak with a Scranton personal injury lawyer. An experienced Scranton personal injury attorney will tell you that establishing legal responsibility, or liability, is among the first tasks you and your attorney will need to tackle. There are really ...
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  • Poconos Auto Accident Attorney

    || 13-Jul-2010

    The Pocono Record's reports of last Friday's police chase and fatal Poconos car crash demonstrate how tragically things can end when one person makes the reckless choice to put his life and the lives of others in danger. Getting behind the wheel of a car always puts a person at some risk, but drivers who behave with abject carelessness create grave and unnecessary dangers for those with ...
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  • Injured in Drunk Driving Accident?

    || 15-Jun-2010

    Recent Times Leader reports about a local drunk driving accident involving a young woman from Towanda, who was driving with a BAC twice the legal limit, and a U.S. Congressional candidate from Lycoming County bring home the fact that drunk drivers can change any of our lives at any moment. They may not always make the papers, but Wilkes-Barre drunk driving accidents injure and/or kill far too ...
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  • Scranton Drunk Driving Accidents

    || 13-Jun-2010

    The Times-Tribune reports this morning on a problem law enforcement officers are facing here in NEPA and nationwide - DUI offenders who are arrested, processed and released, only to immediately commit the same crime. There have been three of these kinds of cases in our area just this year. Repeat DUIs present a major threat to public safety, as do all drunk drivers, who cause injury and death to ...
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  • Cell Phone Use While Driving: Mountain or Molehill?

    || 17-May-2010

    A friend and fellow NEPA personal injury lawyer recently vented online regarding his frustration with Oprah Winfrey's high-profile campaign against cell phone use while driving. He asked: They were designed as car phones, weren't they? Does the number of people hurt really warrant Oprah's response? Another Scranton personal injury law firm doesn't seem to think so. Shortly after ...
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  • Scranton Serious Injury Attorney

    || 13-May-2010

    Listening to NPR, I recently heard a story discussing emerging evidence that the massive, catastrophic oil spill that continues to contaminate the Gulf of Mexico was caused by as series of human and equipment failures that could have been prevented by better regulatory oversight. What a shame that the only way we can rely upon many people and corporations to do the right thing is to watch their ...
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  • CMC Accused of Wrongful Death, Failure to Diagnose

    || 2-May-2010

    The Times-Tribune reports that Community Medical Center (CMC) in Scranton and one of its emergency room doctors are facing accusations of wrongful death for failing to diagnose the life-threatening symptoms of a man who sought treatment at the hospital but was released rather than hospitalized for his injuries. Hours after his release, he died in a car accident after losing control of his vehicle. ...
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  • Personal Injury Lawyer Scranton, PA

    || 25-Mar-2010

    As a personal injury lawyer in Scranton, PA, one of my main professional objectives is to help clients who have been injured as a result of someone else's negligence to recover the money they need to rebuild their lives and to recover physically, emotionally and financially. Though putting money at the beginning and ending of that equation may seem crude to someone who has never been ...
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  • Stroudsburg Serious Injuries Lawyer

    || 16-Feb-2010

    As a Stroudsburg serious injuries lawyer, I read with interest today's article in the Pocono Record detailing a stimulus-funded plan to improve Monroe County's Route 33. The plan includes new guide rails, highway resurfacing and bridge rehabilitation, all of which could help prevent serious injuries along that stretch. Serious injuries can be caused by Stroudsburg car accidents or by many ...
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  • Scranton Truck Crash Lawyer

    || 20-Jan-2010

    Anyone who drives in or around Scranton knows that the area is a major corridor for trucks, and that truck crashes are not uncommon. A Scranton truck crash easily has the potential to cause catastrophic injuries or even death, most often to the drivers or passengers in the other vehicles involved in the collision. If you or someone you know has been injured in a Scranton truck crash, then a ...
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  • Fatal Car Crashes Cause for Concern in Poconos

    || 9-Jan-2010

    Do you know the leading cause of death for Americans aged 34 and under? How about the leading cause of long-term disability for Americans of all ages? Turns out if you know the answer to one question, then you know the answer to both. Driving accidents. The Pocono Record recently reported that driving accidents account for more than 40,000 deaths each year - that's around 120 people per day. ...
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  • NYC Explosion Narrowly (Thankfully) Averted

    || 5-May-2002

    When people from Scranton refer to "the city," such as when they say, "I'm going to the city this weekend," or "I went to the city for dinner and a show," they usually are talking about New York City. New York is OUR city, the place we visit when we need a dose of art, culture, baseball or the incredible diversity only NYC can offer. No offense, Philadelphia - we ...
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