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  • Toyota Wins Lawsuit Involving Faulty Braking System

    || 11-Oct-2013

    Toyota Wins Major Lawsuit Involving Faulty Brake System According to, a California jury sitting in a Superior Court in Los Angeles rejected the claim that Toyota was responsible for the death of a woman who crashed her car after the brake system failed. The wrongful death claim, brought by the family of the deceased driver, alleged that the driver tried to slow the car, but the vehicle ...
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  • Tragedy on Interstate 40

    || 3-Oct-2013

    Tragedy on Interstate 40 A bus full of people coming from a religious event faced the sheer horror of a malfunctioning tire and violent impact. The church group was returning from a religious conference on their way back home to North Carolina when the front tire on the bus "blew-out" and the bus crossed the median and smashed into an SUV and tractor-trailer traveling in the opposite ...
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  • Chemical Company's Negligence Leads to Meningitis Outbreak A New England chemical manufacturing company which produced medicine used in "steroid" injections on patients suffering from spinal injury has caused a nationwide meningitis outbreak due to their negligence. The company was injecting patients with a chemical mixture which contained a rare form of "fungal ...
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