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  • DUI Lawyer in Wilkes-Barre, PA

    || 19-Apr-2010

    The Times Leader reports that after a two-year investigation, a Hazleton man scheduled for trial next month for killing a 25-year-old woman in a DUI-related accident has pled guilty to the charges against him. At the time of the crash, the man was allegedly traveling at nearly 30 mph over the legal speed limit and had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of.14 percent. In this case, no other cars were ...
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  • Schuylkill County DUI Homicide

    || 1-Oct-2009

    The Times Leader reports that police arrested a Schuylkill County man this past Tuesday and charged him with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence (DUI), accidents involving death, failure to notify law enforcement authorities of an accident, two counts of driving under the influence and several traffic violations. When drunk drivers become involved with accidents that result in ...
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  • Hazleton, Luzerne County, Immigration Crime

    || 20-Jul-2009

    Need help with Hazleton, Luzerne County, immigration crime charges? If so, then you are not alone. In 2006, Hazleton made national news when it passed its Illegal Immigration Relief Act, a law that discouraged hiring and renting to undocumented immigrants. In Hazleton, this mostly meant Latinos; the law had a chilling impact on the Latino community, including its many members who are American ...
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  • Scranton, PA Hit & Run Charges

    || 16-Jul-2009

    Earlier this week, I wrote about Charlotte Lewis' bicycle accident in Scranton, PA. I thought it might be helpful to follow up with additional information about Scranton, PA hit & run charges. When a person is operating a motor vehicle and becomes involved in an accident, he is required by law to stop and provide information to involved parties, as well as to provide assistance to anyone ...
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  • PA Legal Requirements for Motorists Involved in Accidents

    || 12-Jul-2009

    This morning I read some good news in our local paper. A Times-Tribune story reported that Charlotte Lewis, a young Scranton woman who was very seriously injured three months ago in a bicycling accident near Scranton High School, has recovered extraordinarily and unexpectedly well from her injuries. She is back to work and has begun riding her bike again - and has begun wearing a helmet every time ...
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  • Charged with Violent Crimes in Monroe County

    || 1-Jul-2009

    It is not uncommon for people to be charged with violent crimes in Monroe County. But what causes some people to become violent while others never do? Following the recent, shocking mass murder at a Binghamton, NY immigrant center, the Pocono Record published and article about what triggers such killing sprees. Experts who were interviewed said mass murderers generally share certain ...
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