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  • Obamacare Upheld!

    || 29-Jun-2012 reports that the heavily disputed Affordable Care Act " Obamacare " has been declared valid by the United States Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision. The deciding vote was cast by Chief Justice John Roberts, who has typically sided with the politically conservative members of the Supreme Court during his tenure as Chief Justice over the past seven years. The landmark case sets the ...
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  • Innocent Ohio Man Free after 29 Years

    || 5-May-2010

    Today on NPR, I heard the story of an Ohio man who was wrongly convicted of rape, served nearly 30 years in prison, and then, thanks to the work of the Ohio Innocence Project, was freed after DNA evidence proved he could not have committed the crime for which he was incarcerated. This story that reminds me why my work as as a Scranton criminal appeals lawyer is so important. The most amazing part ...
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  • Stroudsburg, Monroe County Appeal

    || 20-Jul-2009

    Some news broke recently regarding a potential Stroudsburg, Monroe County appeal. Last Friday, I learned that a Monroe County jury had convicted Hugo Selenski of robbery and kidnapping. The case was major news, as Selenski had already been tried and found not guilty in other well-publicized cases, including two murders and a jail escape. Selenski still faces charges in Luzerne County for a double ...
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