Blog Posts in December, 2013

  • What is My Injury Case Worth?

    || 27-Dec-2013

    After being injured at the fault of another person, you are entitled to compensation for the damages involved. We take into account the financial, emotional and physical hardships that you may be enduring after an accident. Different types of accidents and injuries can warrant different values of compensation. The worth or value of the case will depend on a variety of different factors, including: ...
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  • Can I get a DUI for Smoking Pot?

    || 12-Dec-2013

    YES! Under Pennsylvania law, if you are driving a vehicle and if you get pulled over, then a police officer may request that you submit to a blood or urine test if he reasonably suspects you are impaired or if he has reasonable suspicion that you may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If the blood or urine test comes back positive for marijuana (any amount above 1ng/mL), then you are ...
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